LEADER ARTICLE - (MAY 2000) - 1903 - 2000

1903 - 2000

The Gawler Hockey Club was established in 1903 by a group of local residents who wished to play hockey at a competitive level. Starting with only one senior team and 13 members, they played with heavy wooden sticks with a very large hooked end and didnt wear shinpads or use mouth guards.  The Clubs colors were red, white & blue and although the uniform has changed many times over the years, they now play in the original colours.                                                                                                                                                 

The Gawler Hockey Club of today is much bigger and caters for both seniors & juniors  Currently they have 125 player members, which gives the a strong support base dedicated to the development of hockey in the Gawler & surrounding areas.                                                                                                                            

The Club's grounds are located at Karbeethan Reserve, Angle Vale Road, Evanston Gardens.  Gawler Hockey Club's energetic and enthusiastic committee consists of 10 people holding one-year positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Junior Coordinator, Minkey Coordinator, Canteen Coordinator, Grounds person & two committee memers.  

Season 2000 is looking promising for all grades with the season already underway.  This year the Club is able to field 4 senior teams, A & B Women & A & B Men.  The Junior teams consist of  - U16, U 14 Div 1, U 14 Div 2, U 11 & 2 U 9.

One of the Club's biggest acievements, with the help of the Gawler Council, has been the development of two new hockey fields at Karbeethan Reserve. With the additional two fields they are now the only club in the B.V.H.A. to have four full-sized hockey fields.  The Gawler H.C. has been able to offer the B.V.H.A.  their four fields for season 2000 and onwards.  This is the first time all competition gams for the whole Association can be played at the one venue on a Saturday. When games are progammed at Karbeethan Reserve, parents, players and umpires will no longer need to travel to two different grounds on the same day, which makes everyone's day much easier and more enjoyable.

The Club through extensive fundaising, was able to fund two new sets of goals, new flags and a new line-marking machine, which were needed to complete the project. The Gawler Council was approached to supply and erect a safety fence around the new field to protect the public and their vehicles from being hit by a stray hockey ball.  A working bee was needed to improve the fencing on Angle Vale Road.  All of this wouldn't have been possible without the hard working efforts and commitment from our club members. Other improvements have been the floodlights installed over one field and the practice D with goals, created which is used for training sessions for both Seniors and Juniors. 

This year the Gawler H.C. was also successful in winning a grant of $1,700 to fund Junior Development. Through this they were abe to purchase equipment including 50 hockey sticks, minkey balls and cones and can now go into schools to run development sessions for students and to hold coaching clinics and skills training at Karbeethan Reserve.

The Gawler H.C. shares the clubrooms at Karbeethan Reserve in the winter months with the Gawler Soccer Club. During the summer the Softball Association and the Gawler Cricket Club use the facilities.  Four years ago these clubs got together and formed the Karbeethan Steering Committee.  From there plans were made for a clubroom with bar, kitchen and changerooms with showers.  After lots of negotiations with the Gawler Council it is hoped the application will be successful so building can start by the end of winter. 

The Gawler H.C. is looking for new members and sponsorship from businesses in their area for this season and the future.  So, why not consider being part of a club that's ON THE MOVE - TO IMPROVE.

Sue McKee, President